This Market makes Biogas out of 10 Tons of Waste

This Market makes Biogas out of 10 Tons of Waste

Yes, this market which I am talking about is Hyderabad Market which Turns 10 Tons of Waste Into Biogas every day. This market makes biogas out of wastes from vegetables and fruits. It is managing 10 tonnes of daily waste in a sustainable manner by converting it into biogas and electricity. Over the last six months, 10 tonnes of waste that is generated every day is being converted into 500 units of electricity.

In an area of 23 acres, Hyderabad-based Ahuja Engineering Services Pvt Ltd, an organization that has been involved in setting up biogas plants across India has set up an entire unit that can process the 10 tonnes of waste generated every day.

“Though we have set up many plants across India, this is the first one with such a high capacity. The plant was set up under the guidance of CSIR-IICT (Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research–Indian Institute Of Chemical Technology) Chief Scientist Dr. A Gangagni Rao. Using his patented technology, we could set up a unit that could work at such a high rate capacity,” says Sruthi Ahuja, the director of Ahuja Engineering.

In addition, She adds that the research using this technology has been conducted since 2012.

How does it work?

Every day, the waste is collected from across the Hyderabad market by a team hired on contract. This is brought to the plant located in the same premise and goes through a bio-methanation process.

Firstly, the waste is shredded, then it is soaked in a Feed Preparation Tank to be converted into a slurry. This undergoes an anaerobic bio-methanation process using a special culture known to be a bacteria consortium.

Finally, in separate tanks, the biogas is collected and directed to the kitchen for cooking. The biofuel is supplied into a 100% biogas generator. And this generator is used to power the water pumps, cold storage rooms, street and shop lights.

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