Twitter King of ‘Big Veggie’ Gardening

Twitter King of ‘Big Veggie’ Gardening

You all will be astonished by this Twitter king of ‘Big Veggie’ Gardening, a British retiree who seems to be loving gardening. A 72-year-old Gerald Stratford started a Twitter account to share his giant vegetables. Hundreds of thousands of followers later, he has a book deal and appears in a Gucci campaign.

Always with a humbled smile and hands full of his freshly harvested bounty, Stratford shares his gardening adventures on Twitter and is constantly going massively viral for everything just mentioned.

The tweet was an instant hit. As Stratford recalls, his phone was filled with notifications. Due to which he had to call up his nephew to ask what was going on. In the weeks and months that followed, the likes, retweets, and followers racked up with more than 295,000 followers.

Recently, Twitter King of ‘Big Veggie’ Gardening announced that he will be publishing a book. He even appeared in a Highsnobiety advertisement for a new Gucci collection.

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