Do’s and Dont’s in Public after lockdown

Do’s and Dont’s in Public after lockdown

As the pandemic has made a history, so is the lockdown wolrldwide. But as the lockdown is getting unlock these days…. we still need to take some precautionary & safety measures to fight this coronavirus. We need to think on the do’s and dont’s in public after lockdown.
It doesn’t mean that the worry is over, our test begins now.

Let’s quickly go through some measures to take care of yourself ….Do’s and Dont’s in Public after lockdown……

Maintain safe distance when going outside or in public parks: As you can now go for a walk or a workout, you should continue to keep distance from people. It is the most important measure.

Continue Washing your hands frequently: Continue with this routine of washing hands when you enter your house. This should also be done especially after touching contaminated surfaces like doorknobs, railing of a staircase, shop counters, packages, etc. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Maintain to clean your house: It is important to clean and disinfect the house regularly. Household disinfectants like phenyl etc are effective against Coronavirus. Use a wipe or a mop dipped in a disinfecting solution to clean the floor, kitchen counters, etc. Make use of sanitizer sprays as well.

Use face masks: It is essential to cover your face when stepping out of the house. A face cover will help both, you and other people. If you are using any face mask then be sure to clean it regularly & expose or dry it to the sunlight. 

Eat healthy and boost immunityEating a healthy diet will help maintain good health & will make you to fight healthily. Eat nutritious food during this period. Include green leafy vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fruits, and fibre in your daily diet and also immunity booster foods. For a recipe to boost your immune system …click on this link –

Sanitise things: Whatever you are puchasing or bringing to house, remember daily to sanitise them properly with dettol or any other sanitiser.When returned home make sure to disinfect your personal things(mobile, wallet etc) as well.

Do remember these Do’s and Dont’s in Public after lockdown….. Stay safe 🙂

Above all, do check his too –

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